Never Received XRP

Never received XRP after swap from Smart chain to XRP on pancake swap. I have it enabled and have the minimum 20 needed. Please advise

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Be careful with the scammer telling you to call that number! It’s full of them here and Trust wallet team is doing nothing about it.

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Sorry, sorry. I received as Binance-Peg XRP token. Problem is fix. Have a nice day

The same problem with exchange BNB to XPR on pancake swap. Result is negative, I didn’t received XRP in my trust wallet

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Hi there,
The transaction you made is on Binance smart chain so you need to enable peg version of that asset. Search for XRP in the app and enable which has BEP20 underneath the name.

Here’s a guide to follow :
How to Add or Remove a Coin

That did the trick. Thanks! Your awesome! Really appreciate your help on this!

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