NFT Bounty Hunt!

Всем привет. Кто-то может подсказать?
Мой номер кошелька есть в таблице выиграша, часть 3.
Кто, что выиграл???
Мне до сих пор ничего не пришло. Всем так?
И куда можно написать в TW в поддержку по этому вопросу.
Заранее спасибо.

Hello. Can someone advise?
My wallet number is in the winning table, part 3.
Who won what???
I still haven’t received anything. Everyone like that?
And where can I write to TW in support on this issue.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @RYevhen,

You won in Space ID’s giveaway (as mentioned on the description of part 3)

This is the linked campaign:

Please reach out to them directly for inquiries regarding the prize distribution.


Thank you @iamdeadlyz.
Contact the Trust Wallet support team directly?
Please give me an email…

Please reach out to Space ID as they are the one who managed the prize distribution

Heads up! There are a lot of impersonators out there. Make sure never to share your seed phrase/private key with strangers. Beware of downloading and running random files.