NFT's nought on Opensea not showing up in Trustwallet App

I bought about 14 nft’s on opensea with my trustwallet and none of them are showing up in the wallet. Please help me get them to show up, thank you!

TX Hash:

screenshot of latest trustwallet app version:

screenshot of the collectibles being displayed:

@Expert that is very old app version, download latest version and try again. You can download latest version from here:

Ok thanks for that. Will I need to enter the seed phrase again after I download the latest version?

Hello. I know it sounds off but I’m serious. Im not sure if I have my recovery phrase and I dont want to click update on goggle play store if its going to reset the whole app and ask for my seed phrase to let me back in. Thanks for the help.

Could be some risk something happens to me months ago i cold not recovered my tokens till now hope i could get some help from this

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you can see your phrase if you can access your app. just explore your wallet, you will find it and write it down and never share.


@Expert you can backup your wallet first, here’s a guide: Backup your Recovery Phrase or Private Key
Then update.