No BNB staking rewards

So far I’ve delegated my BNB tokens to three different validators via Trustwallet:

  1. Enrico Fermi: Enrico was “decommissioned” a few hours after I delegated so I had to redelegate to a new validator. No rewards received.

  2. Avengers: Staked with this one for about 10 days. No rewards received.

  3. Ankr_BSC_validator_1: They say third time is the charm. So I redelegated to this one. It’s been three days or so now. No rewards received.

What’s the deal? Are these validators bad actors who are keeping the rewards to themselves? Am I missing something? I did the staking correctly (at least according to the Stake Details).

Tough to find anything other than rudimentary stats on these folks. But so far this just looks like a bunch of yahoo’s stealing other people’s money.

Thanks for any insight!


Eu também estou tendo o mesmo problema.
Já faz também 3 dias e nada de recompensa. Deleguei no TW.

Hi all, first time staked BNB on Trust Wallet & sad to say it looks like a bad experience, hence I share your same sentiment above as well.

I too have delegated my BNB to Ankr_BSC_validator_1 for past 8 days & I can’t seem to find any rewards anywhere when it should have started after Day 2.

When I check on binance website validator list to see if the validator is active, turns out he still is BUT I noticed the commission stated there is 0%.

Does this mean he’s not earning any commission & hence why us delegators are also getting ZERO rewards as a result?

Also how are the rewards suppose to be distributed to us in the first place? Eg. to our BNB wallet directly on a daily basis?

Apologies for the nube Q’s… And thanks all.


Have you unstake? I think the rewards will only show after you unstake and need another 7 days to return back

Thanks for replying.

Actually no I haven’t unstake yet. This is my 1st time & couldn’t find any specific info on this from the old Q&As or relevant info posts.

So to recap the rewards only credited together with the initial BNB stake after the 7day unstaking process?

Thanks for that then :pray:

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Have you received any rewards yet from your third try?
Very curious and wondering if people are getting rewards on time.

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No, still no rewards received with my third validator, after 3 days. Total rewards received after over two weeks of staking: 0

Is anyone receiving BNB staking rewards through Trust Wallet?

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Well someone is getting rewarded. Very sad it is not the people loaning out their BNB to the smart chain.

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My experience with BnB staking has told me never to use this trash wallet for any staking activity. I’m still awaiting funds back from delegation and it’s been over 7 days. If and when I get them back I’m just going elsewhere.

The experience has been somewhat of a nightmare and it seems on con if I’m being honest. In the 2+ weeks I’ve attempted to stake BNB bid received no rewards and have still not received my coins back!!!

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It’s hard to know what’s going on here. But one thing is certain, something is going on. As to the possibility that you have to unstake for 7 days to see/receive your rewards, if that is true then it would be a ridiculous feature to have in place, and then, of course, fail to mention it anywhere.

I’m going to try one more redelegation when my 7 days with my 3rd successive loser validator is up. If validator #4 is anything like his the first three, I will just unstake my BNB and send it over to Nexo. At least there I get 5% APY on my BNB, which is compounded daily and paid out daily.

Good luck to all you folks with this one!

I’m not sure yet, but I may have to eat crow on this one, meaning that I might be receiving rewards after all. I will know for sure in another day or two.

If I am, in fact, receiving rewards, I apologize in advance to those involved in this staking platform!

How did you figure you are receiving rewards when you thought you were not?

Hi everyone, have you read this guide? BNB Staking with Trust Wallet If not, please do! The staking rewards were explained in that part.

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Unfortunately, this is my experience and exact sentiment.

2 stakes, all have validators ‘inactive’ when it’s time to pay up.

Lost trust in the system and currently, only looking to take my BNB and losses (in fees) and move on.


OK, I figured out what my problem was. I’m a dummy. When I set up my BNB stake, I left a small amount un-staked but didn’t note the exact amount. And I have not been paying attention to the non-staked balance. But yesterday I thought it might have changed slightly. I wasn’t sure so I noted the balance and waited 24h. Sure enough, today it increased again, by a small and seemingly trivial amount.

Then I did the math. I calculated how many BNB I should be earning per day based on my validator’s current APY. Indeed, the small increase in my daily non-staked BNB balance was about what it should be for a 25-35% APY.

If you’re a dummy like me (and/or poor like me), unless you staked a fairly significant number of BNB, you might not notice anything happening, for two reasons: (1) the initial BNB screen in the wallet only shows the balance out to 3 decimal places; and (2) rewards are added inconspicuously, with no record of their issuance in the wallet other than the incremental balance increase in the “available” BNB.

I’m not saying that necessarily explains what you other folks are experiencing. But monitor your non-staked balance closely for a day or two and see what happens.

Finally, to the Trust Wallet developers and maintainers, to the BNB validators, and to anyone else behind the scenes that I may have offended with my prior posts: I offer my sincerest apologies for jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst before all the facts were in. Another lesson learned.


It’s indeed not easily noticeable when staking a small amount. Glad that everything is now sorted in your end, @Exactodaddie. Cheers!

@llterix, that’s the risk of staking, you never know as to when they will become invalid.

Best to do is to redelegate to an active validator. Here’s a guide:

There is rewards coming to the address: Dex Explorer

Rewards will be added automatically to your balance each day at 0 UTC time.