Not seeing my deposit Dot

Hi , someone has sent me 7.97 Dot to my address in Dot network, but I have not seen in wallet. What is the problem?
My receipt address is: 15QTs9rxdpQiNyJ1a4KXHggC2dXxN8M4gCKVENqCoLG3VJCC

But I don’t see in trust wallet.


Hello @Bahrami1979
Your DOT is in your wallet, if you’re still unable to see it, kindly use the troubleshoot guide below:

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Dear tobi thanks , please see the net hash I’d also. It might be helpful to give me right instructions. But it is invisible in my wallet. It is empty.

@Bahrami1979 Please follow the guide above.
Ensure your app is up to date first.