Pending transaction >9hrs

Hi, anyone encounter super slow transaction today? I bought some bnb through trust wallet but waited for 9hrs and not yet received.


I bought 2 times BNB. Deducted from my card and bank account. It’s verified but still saying processing transaction. It has been 8 hours so far and nothing… I bought before and it was okay but this times just the money deducted and no bnb in my trust wallet. They payment was trough moonpay.

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Can please somebody help me? I don’t know what to do. Been waiting for long time. Thanks a lot

One of the transactions (around 60 dollars was deposited now) but this transaction it was done 5 hours ago. I have another of around a bit more that 500 dollars which I did not received. Always the same card. I don’t understand. Why I only received the small one and not the one I have done 9 hours ago. Really confusing this.

I just found out its bnb having issues and now they just get back up. Soon we will be receiving our bnb


Cool. Hopefully I’ll get my bnb soon! Been waiting the whole day. Bought before and didn’t have problems but today I had twice. Thanks buddy

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Im the same I’m waiting 15+hrs now, 1st transaction was seemless and now this 1 is taking forever it seems.

I thought something like this was the probable cause, thanks for the info EY_88

i am also waiting 15 hours for moonpay to

VERY ANNOYING will it be there ?

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Its a waiting game Im sure it will be there when things are ironed out

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waiting is money man. I see literally coins gain 50% whilist i have to wait for that slow program to pay.

Many many mails where sent diffrrent emails… Twitter and so on but nothing.


Sounds like a risk, easy when you know its not! but im not about to start something like this and lose my initial wallet

Lots of people are buying Bnb currently due to the large increase in the amount the crypto safemoon is worth so it may have no bnb to give out

I havent receive my bnb yet afte >20hrs now… anyone has receive it? Really frustating

me neither. 24 hours now… i know it is frustrating my man… i gonna make an declaration at my bank if this occur 36 hours.

22 hours now and nothing… really frustrating. I don’t know if I should do to be honest

Same here man… 24hrs and still nothing. Not even single reply from them… damn frustrating

Do you still believe we will get it? I’m losing my hope man. Really don’t know.

I withdrew some Ethereum from Binance wallet to Trust wallet. BSCSCAN confirms that transection has taken place. But it is still not showing up even after 10 hours.

Anyone can tell me why is this happening. I am new to these two platforms.

Have to force myself to believe it :expressionless: been spamming their twitter and trying every my possible way to connect them yet no reply…