Pending transaction. What to do?

Well, I’ve tried all the processes you sent me but nothing’s changed
What’s the next line of action since nothing worked

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@BertYe1 If you need your tokens urgently, you can import your seed phrase to another wallet and then access your funds there.


@Abed1706 What do you mean by frozen ? Can you provide your receiving address.

What can I do ? I sent someone some usdt since 4 days ago and it wrote error without going through and my coin hasn’t been reversed, what do I do please ?

@Coco4real Can you provide the transaction hash and your receiving address.

@Abed1706 What error do you get exactly ? Can you type out the error you get ?

How long does it take for a pending transaction to be cancelled ? I have 3 all about 3 hours now!

@Terwilliam That depends on the blockchain and not Trust wallet.
If your transaction hasn’t been broadcasted to the blockchain yet then a wallet reimport would fix it.

My transaction have been unconfirmed for about 3 weeks now what can I do