Pending transaction. What to do?

It is not a multi coin wallet. I just confirmed. So how can i add the KCC network to my wallet. I am honestly grateful for your assistance so far.

@amara30 If you have a seed phrase, import it as a multi coin wallet and then try the steps above.
If you have a private key instead, try importing as a Kucoin Community Chain wallet on your Trust app.

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Since on the 29th may I send Ton from another wallet to trust wallet until now I haven’t received received it, but is showing on Tonscan Blockchain as success but nothing in my trust wallet. Here is the address EQCsy8_VG1y3KowvrNzlR7raAEywe6zI10t2Um5lF2o0sAb3

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@Josluv Please try switching your internet connection then reimport your wallet.

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Thanks you, I appreciate i have received my Ton, I follow your instructions and I received it.


Thank you for your assistance. I import my wallet as a multi wallet and i saw my Etherum. I am so happy. Thank you.

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@amara30 @Josluv Glad you guys had it resolved now. Do have a lovely week ahead.

I made the tickets on 28 March 2024 they deducted my money 1920 euro .said server problem .Then didnt return the money till now .No ticket confimation send .so had to make extra in Airport .trip cost me 3000Euro.Can anyone help me to get the number to talk customer care or any contact wher i can contact Moonpay trust wallet.
Please let me know if someone got refund.

@Humira123 Please submit a ticket at

I was sent money 2 days ago and I haven’t seen it in my wallet, I even went to explorer and Ihad confirmations, and it showed there in my balance, please help me resolve this

@saanmoyol17 Please try switching your internet connection then reimport your wallet, that should work.

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The same thing happened to me I sent BTC from my other wallet to the second one I’ve not see it just in pending over a day now

@Kinghc You need to wait till the transaction is either confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.

Hello tobi, am from Nigeria and i can’t sell or send my Bitcoin, is there any ban put on Nigerians or is it just me?
Pls how can I resolve this?

Hi, Tobi.

I’ve been getting random deposits on my trust wallet, can’t verify the sources and the tokens aren’t reflecting in my wallet balance either, but I can view them through the explorer and in my transaction history. I’ve enabled all the tokens on the blockchains, but to no avail. I’ve submitted tickets and sent all needed details, but the email responses I get from Support assume I didn’t respond at all. Please, How do I resolve this?

@Nemmy You can simply choose to ignore such transactions and ensure you don’t interact with random tokens you get.

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Please coin was sent to my account and I haven’t received it yet (BCH) how long will it take for me to receive it,I checked the address and everything is correct

@Deline51 Can you try adding the token manually

If you already did that and it’s not shown still, I’d suggest reimporting your wallet.

Please I swapped 949USDT for BTC but didn’t receive the swapped equivalent in my trust wallet. When I tried to probe further I noticed it was transferred to another address which I didn’t do. How do I get back my USDT. It seems there is a scam in trust wallet. I didn’t transfer to any address but only swapped but it showed that I swapped and then transferred to another address. Please I need help in how to trace this and retrieve my usdt from


@sammylay You should have received your token already, please note swaps aren’t instant on the app.

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