Please help me to find my bought Nagaswap token

Hi, could someone please help me this, I just made a Nagaswap token purchase with my BNB via Trust Wallet. Here is the transaction hash : 0x2a269d36ee2bb450bfa9f61dbd0d8072a69462e1f64b76c56f00046cfb0b4f9a

BNB was deducted from my wallet but I can not find out any Nagaswap token sent back to my wallet? Did anyone get this same troulble?

Hi there @giangtran,

You can enable it as a custom token: How to Add a Custom Token

Network: Smart Chain
Contract address: 0x8a711c1d701AD4ad306bB94fa0C45b2043340D9a
Name: Phase1 NagaSwap Token
Symbol: locked60-BNW
Decimals: 18


It worked. Thank you so much!

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