Please help me to recover my coins after re installed my trust wallet

Hi support please need your assistance to recover my all coins.

  1. I want to update my trust wallet for new version, but keeping me on hang up thats the reason why decide to re installed my trust wallet. And I’m still on old vesion
  2. After re installed and stored my recovery phrase all my coins in my BSC i cant find anymore. I notice that my BSC address are deferent in my old BSC Address after re installing my trust wallet. Please me what steps i need to do to recover my OLd BSC because all my coins are stored in my old address.
    Please help me…Thanks
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Please follow this guide to get the Private Key for the old BSC address: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

Use this custom derivation path m/44’/714’/0’/0. Afterward, import the Private Key as a Smart Chain Wallet.