Please, help me!

EXTRAJUDICIAL NOTICE Andre Bertoluzzi, hereby notify you of the following: 1. On 10/21/2021, when accessing my wallet on the TRUSTWALLET (0x3721d13271615B8832e4ff7497cce2E760d67475), I found that it was reset, having all my tokens transferred to the address (0x2bb441a91e350eb304612e662c788a0c062c). 2. I hereby inform you that I have already registered a police report and preserved all evidence (attached), as well as that I strictly used all security options available by TRUSTWALLET, at no time neglecting or giving away my passwords to third parties and always accessing through secure. 3. In this way, at no time contributing to the incident, it is a clear security breach of this TRUSTWALLET company, which takes undue access to the wallet and undue transfers. 4. In this context, it is the present to notify them so that, within 24 (twenty-four hours) of receipt of the present: a) Present the data, application access records, date, IP time, and time zone linked to the accesses on 10/20/2021 and 10/21/2021. b) Immediately revert, returns the amounts wrongly subtracted, in the event of a TRUSTWALLET security violation (0x6f5a5ff1e5d58971bec5f633daaf699693c9f33fdd1e19cba155fd018d66b7f6), sending proof of portfolio of the refund to no. 5. We inform you that, once the steps have been completed, without the amicable refund of the amounts, the Notifier will adopt the appropriate police and legal measures to recover its credit / tokens, in addition to measures to repair its undeniable moral and material damages, as it depended on the amounts deposited in the TRUSTWALLET for its support.

Att. Andre

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