Please help need my funds

I need some safe chain BnB to withdraw my current funds to my binance account


Did anybody answered or helped you cause I’ve been having the same problem.

Nobody has helped so far sadly. Hopefully someone does soon though as need my funds


I’ve got a similar problem. It’s happened today.

I’d bought some tokens for my wallet (nf and aqua). So they were summed on my balance. I’ve made 2 buys. One yesterday and one today.

In a certain amount of time, I was just checking the conversion of BRL to USD, then suddenly, my last buy had dissapeared from my balance.

If anyone have a equal problem. Please, help me!

i have a similar issue, i transferred over my PRT tokens from Metamask to Trust Wallet. It appears on BSC scan along with my other transfers but PRT is not appearing in my wallet?

bkackdiamond can u send me bnb worth 0.5 usd? pleasee because i cant transfer without

Hi @ayy_morris Try to add it as custom token,
Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token