Please, what is the difference between TOKEN and COINS

I am new to the system and i don’t really know the difference


I think COINS are as good as money and can use for payment, while TOKENS, though they have value, they are not considered as money, yet.


Huh I really don’t know the different yet


i think coins are mineable and token is contrect base non mineable use case is same


Token masih dalam airdrop koin sudah dalam market


Coins have their own blockchain (bitcoin, ethereum, tron, etc)
Tokens are basically coins under an already existing blockchain (ex. BNT (ETH), AWC (BNB), WIN (TRX), etc).


Let me explain, suppose you have an asset which was created from scratch (building own algorithm/ architecture/ mining/ consensus etc) like bitcoin in created on SHA-256 algorithm, Ethereum 2.0 will be shift to PoS (proof of stake) etc are commonly known as coin. But if your asset in built under any blockchain like BitTorrent was created in Tron network, Origin Protocol was created under Ethereum (ERC20) network are commonly known as token. Hope you understood.


Imagine that all coins have their own network of computers that are all working together to validate all operations, transfers, blocks creation … Those coins run on their own blockchain. Some of them, blockchains that have smart-contract feature, can issue tokens that will run on their network. Like DeFi tokens on Ethereum which use the ERC20 protocol, they are are like bricks of lego build on top of Ethereum. Tokens are easier to create than coins as infrastructure already exists, developers can focus on their own use case to develop new potential on operating networks.


Nice reply, one of the best I have seen here


Very good explanation in both above comments


Tokens are not only about the payments, they can play different roles. U can often face the phrase “utility token” :slight_smile:

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Coin is the native asset of a blockchain,
Meanwhile token is an asset that officially created based on the native asset of a blockchain.Coin has more complex algorithm and utilities compare to token,and usually a token is can only be used in the platform that has creating it and in the blockchain platform where the token based on it.For example : BitTorrent Token (BTT) is created based on Tron (TRX) coin blockchain.


I believe tokens are built on blockchains such as ETH,BNB and we call them erc 20 or bep2 tokens.Coins are with their own blockchain such as BTC,LTC,BCH,XRP

Coins are stand alone cryptocurrencies that do not require another platform to run, but tokens are built on the platform of the others and they exist only on that platform.

token is money…but lunch can be paid like money at some users …

I think coin got a hight value and they considers
Them as money but token they have low value and they are not consider as money

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If you ever heard LINK it is still ERC20 token, and it is still have a very good value.
I wont think all cryptos is considered money in real life due regulations in countries. But very few sellers (mostly in a community forum) already accepting USDT as a payment. (And USDT is a token built on Eth chain)


Coin is the native asset of a chain.
Token is an asset of a network that built on an existing chain. (Erc20, Bep2, Trc20, etc…)


From my propective token are generally a wallet owned crypto stated by a crpto wallet it’s may be one or two but coins are universally tradble and not generally a crpto wallet startup

I don’t really think there is a difference between the two