Problem sending babydoge from OKEX


I did transfer Babydoge from OKEX to my trustwallet. It all seemed to go well, but I never received it. Now I found out that OKEX uses the Babydoge-OEC network and trustballet has the BEP20 network for babydoge. Can anybody tell me ift here is a way to retreive my babydoge?

Hello @mrroy44 Trust wallet currently doesn’t supports KCC blockchain

You have to extract your Babydoge private keys using this guide: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

Select ETH in the coin part. Scroll down to the list of derived addresses and get the private key in the first row.

After getting the private key, Import to wallet that supports KCC blockchain eg. Metamask.

[in case you use Metamask] Set the custom blockchain as shown on this guide: