Problem sending

Please help me, why isn’t eth logged into my exchange account, even though the status of TXHASH is successful.


To what exchange did you send your ETH?
If the transaction is already confirmed then you need to check with the receiver.

Coinchase exchange, I have checked the Coinchase assets, but I still don’t enter the balance.

You need to report the issue to them.

Constellation (DAG) support. Everytime I enter my Trust Wallet DAG address, the exchange says it’s an invalid address.

DAG is already on their mainnet.
Mainnet means they have their own network now.
This is not supported by the app.

Maybe you didn’t read carefully about minimum deposit. It is clearly indicated in coinchase exchange that “Please note: Deposits will take time to post. After 15 confirmations, you will receive an Email notification. Each deposit must be greater than 0.1 ETH or it will be ignored.” It means your transaction was ignored as you send less amount. Next time, read deposit terms carefully before making a transaction.

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