Problem to Send DOT

I am trying to send my Polkadot DOT to my exchange with the same polkadot dot (not eth and bsc) is DOt.

But apperence this error

Transaction error

What is happining ???

Hi @davidwahba,

Please be informed that the Polkadot network is temporarily unavailable due to the node upgrades of Trust Wallet. The dev team will release a new version to fix this issue.

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What is the status of this? I still cannot send DOT even though I upgraded the app yesterday…

i have same issue it say 25feb2021 will resolve but till now still not working for sending

@RendanHarles and @soffianismail

Please update your app to the latest version: 5.15 (iOS) 1.26.16 (Android), or higher. You can ignore the stickied notice as long as you use the latest version.

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I have the same problem and even though my trust wallet version is the latest (1.26.16) but I can not transfer my dot
What should I do ?

Hi @AlphA_22, that’s not the latest version. Your app should be version 1.27.18 or higher. Please check the app store for updates.

Hi Can I check if this has been fixed? I can’t transfer my dot to binance polkadot address.