Problems getting set up with KIN

I’m new to both KIN and TrustWallet app android. I made the assumption that I needed to follow the directions to migrate the existing empty kin wallet in the new trust wallet to make it available to transfer in kin on the solana network. I followed the directions for the migration. I added SOL to the resulting SOL wallet successfully. I tried a test transfer of KIN into the resulting KIN wallet. It shows successful on the sending end. But nothing in the KIN wallet on Trust. I went to the block explorer for KIN and the address is not found. That’s when I realized the address for the SOL wallet and KIN wallet are identical. I went to the solana explorer and found the address exists there. So I apparently tried to send KIN to the SOL address. How do I rectify this so that I can receive KIN in Trust wallet? Why are the addresses the same?


Hello @lazybullfrog,

The addresses are the same since Trust Wallet does not use the token account address. Learn more here:

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Ah. Okay thanks. So after the migration steps, the SPL token shows up in the main multiwallet. Or I didn’t need to do the migration because I had no coins and it was just there and I just didn’t see the KIN SPL token. I’ll try again with that address. Thanks again.

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Okay. I’m getting this issue using the Kin SPL address on the sending end. The transaction inevitably fails and I get the following message:

“Please use the correct target SOL token address”

From what I’m reading in these forums, it isn’t possible to receive KIN into the wallet due to incompatible implementation. Is that correct?

Hi there
I want to send my kin tokens to trust but you have kin and kin spl ,the kin spl states to only send kin spl .so I thought it must be the kin wallet so I checked the address on etherscan and it said it’s not on there network as the kin I have in enj wallet is an erc20 token on etherium so Im concerned about sending. Also from what I’ve read on the kin site there are 3 or more different types of kin tokens that need to migrate . It said if you are erc20 the tokens will migrate. So now I’m pretty confused about the procedure as this is not mentioned on here . If any one has any idea I would be most grateful for some help thanks

@lazybullfrog, correct. Most wallets does not follow how Trust Wallet implemented the way of receiving the tokens.

@Mackka, you have to wait for the KIN team to setup a guide or method for your KIN (ERC20) to be migrated: Token Migration -