RACA Coins Not Showing in Wallet


RACA coins were sent to my correct wallet address, but they do not show up in my wallet. I’ve tried to add custom tokens, but it’s not working.

Transaction ID:

My wallet address is:


The transaction was confirmed. But still nothing in my wallet.

Please help?

Hello @Captainvermont you added BEP20 assets but what you received is ERC20 RACA.

, Please try to add it as custom token again using correct info. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Ethereum
Contract: 0x12bb890508c125661e03b09ec06e404bc9289040
Decimals: 18

Hello Alan, the RACA contract number is the same for both BSC and ETH and TW only has BSC (BEP20) available for RACA. I swapped RACA successfully with ETH but it never show up in TW but it did show up when swapped it with BSC (BEP20). I think the solution is to request TW to add RACA token for the Ethereum network then it should show up in the wallet. Can you please help adding RACA in TW for the ETH (ERC20) coin?

@Victorj it is obligation of the project to submit their token details to TW. There are thousands of tokens emerging everyday out there on multiple blockchains too, it is impossible for us to add them all.
Project team is responsible. Details should be submitted through this guide: How to Add an Asset to Token List