Received BNB but my balance didn't update

Hi, I have a similar issue with BNB transfer was successfully achieved but balance wasn’t updated.

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Hello @_Sophia_00,

You already cross-chain swapped it to BEP20. Hence your total balance is 0.000005 BNB.

Thank you for your response. Actually the value of the transfer is 0.1598 BNB. Balance is not correctly updated.

Yeah. And you cross-chain swapped your BNBs plus you paid for network fees. Hence, only 0.000005 remains in your wallet.

tôi cũng đang gặp phải vấn đề tương tự. tôi không biết phải liên hệ với ai để được giải quyết

Chúc may mắn, họ nói với tôi rằng tôi đã tiêu hết số tiền BNB
Rất tiếc, không có cuộc trò chuyện trực tiếp nào có thể giúp ích


Please help me - I am trying to sell Safemoon but every time I try it it errors - it says I don’t have enough smart chain (BNB) to cover network fees? How do I go about this please

Hello @i_m you have to add some BNB in your wallet to cover your transaction fees.
Read more here: Cryptocurrency Network Fees