Received BNB not shown in wallet

Hi, I transferred BNB to Trust Wallet but it never arrived. Please find below the withdrawal Address and Transaction ID. I hope that is the information that you need to help me track its whereabouts? (I did a successful transfer just 5 hours later that had no issues.) ??

Withdrawal Address : bnb1lpmxs32eeh8qgpanmn2sny4ewkyjhdf0led3hx

Transaction ID : E20E7AB0C62217DEADB453C1C880A2E1073AB88EC02EA37FBC71B2C763ECEA5F

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Hello @Grayso
You made a crosschain swap to BEP20 BNB after receiving your BEP2 BNB and then you made a swap after on Pancakeswap to these tokens:



You can add both tokens manually as custom tokens by using these details

Add CGB using this info below:
Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0x7e6202903275772044198D07b8A536cc064f8480
Decimals: 6

Add $FJB using this info below:

Network: Smartchain
Contract: 0xA179248E50CE5AFb507FD8C54e08A66FBAC7B6Ff
Decimals: 9

Hi @JennyMillan
Thank you for your reply - I think that I have managed to find the lost coin, however it is now showing in my wallet as CGB (deployed on BSC BEP-20) with nil dollar value beneath it.
Are you able to tell me how I can transfer the amount of CGB to FJB or BNB Smartchain?

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@Grayso Please read this regarding the token value not being shown:

You can also make a swap into BNB or that $FJB token by using