Receiving BTC from kucoin wallet through KCS


I send btc from kucoin, I used the KCS network as it was much cheaper.
The email confirmation with the TxID says the transaction was successful, but on my Trustwallet (activating different BTC options in the list of tokens, also activated Kucoin network).

Do you have a clue?

Thank you

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@Smkba You’d need to add BTC on the Kucoin network manually.
Please follow the guide below:

Thank you Tobi for your answer!

I don’t get it,
KCS is listed among the common networks in Trust wallet.
Why should I add it as a custom network?
When I try anyway, I’m told (with chain ID 321 according to Kucoin)

This chain ID is currently used by the KuCoin Community Chain network

BTC is not a custom token, it’s there by default.

I’m really lost…

@Smkba No you sent Bitcoin on the Kucoin network so you need to add that manually.
Can you provide the transaction hash also?

@Smkba You are most likely doing it wrong then.
Add it manually using the details below:
Network: KuCoin
Address: 0xfa93c12cd345c658bc4644d1d4e1b9615952258c
The remaining details will be filled automatically.

Awesome, adding just the token with that address worked. How did you find it? I searched it on the web in vain.
You were much quicker than Trust wallet support…

Thank you!

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@Smkba It’s just like in the guide i sent above, you sent Bitcoin on the Kucoin network not the native Bitcoin which is already added by default in your wallet.

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thank you very much.

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