Receiving refund funds (FLOKI) from Binance

Hi. I did an asset recovery from binance. The asset being recovered is FLOKI. Binance have confirmed the funds have been sent to my trust wallet. They have provided the TxHash. On BscScan the transaction is complete. However my wallet not credited. Please help


@Sahib1886 Please read the guides below to understand how to add a token manually.

I already have FLOKI added to my wallet… The transaction has not credit to my wallet address. On BscScan is shows as compete. I have confirmed the receiving trust wallet address is correct. My FLOKI balance need to be updated to reflect the transfer
Please let me know if the TxHASH/TxID can help so Trust wallet can update the FLOKI balance

@Sahib1886 Can you please reimport your wallet if you haven’t done that yet.

I sent TON to my trust wallet from bybit and I am yet to receive it, I checked the explorer and it’s says received but it’s not showing in my wallet,…

Hash: 981b7c280649868c9c4d4b9632dd7b017fdb8acdcef0273391b54c89088d15aa

@Cyberfox Can you try reimporting your wallet if that fixes it.

Hi i have done that and the funds are still not reflecting. Please advise what is the next solution. on BscScan funds reflect. The TxId is 0x3e0deee98a95fcd9ae132276fb8bf0e44c6c2225c6f705e2a77377392e83abd0

@Sahib1886 Please send your receiving address here

@Tobi I have done that several times and nothing changes… here is my receiving address

Please fix this as soon as possible please, thank you.

Hi Toby
I confirmed the trade on BscScan the receiving address is

@Sahib1886 You received already.
Just add it manually

How do you add manually on trust wallet. Please guide me if possible

@Sahib1886 Please read below:

Hi toby i already have the token on my main wallet. I have already added the token manually