Recover Binance Peg-Tether mistakingly sent to Wrong public address

How do I recover Peg-Tether sent to ERC20 Addresse

Do you own the wallet you sent it to? If you do, you can load the mnemonic into Trust Wallet, Metamask, or myetherwallet in order to see the token, then send it to the correct address. If you don’t own the wallet, there’s nothing you can do besides sending a message to the wallet owner begging to have them send it back. You should take a look at this post. How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

I own the wallet
I sent the Peg-Tether from my Trust wallet to my Metamask wallet and I can’t see the coin on my Metamask wallet

Connect BSC first, follow this guide: Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain | Binance Academy

Then add it as a custom token: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

I got back my coins thanks to you all for your support

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