Recover BUSD sent to a ERC Network.???


I sent money from my truwstwallet BUSD BEP20 to hitbtc exchange that uses ERC-20.
It possible to send my money back to my trust wallet? Or its lost for always?

Another question: if HITBTC accepts BSC Network in the future, my money will appear on the website?

Thanks you so much!

PD: i dont know if i created a other post like this. I’m sorry!

Please contact the customer support of hitbtc so they can assist you with the deposit issue. If they are not willing to recover the crypto or credit your account, then, unfortunately, you may consider it as lost. Please be careful next time and triple-check before transacting.

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I inadvertently bought BUSD on the ERC-20 network and cannot do ANYTHING with it. How do I convert it to BEP-20 or BEP-2

Hello @Spitgray deposit your BUSD ERC 20 to Binance and then withdraw them as BEP20 or BEP2. There’s no direct way to convert them within the app currently. Read this article will help too: Convert Binance-Peg Tokens to Native Assets

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