Recovering VeChain

I’m having the same problem. Do the addresses have to be the same or different?


Hi @Smoothd,

The watch-only wallet address and the imported one (via recovery phrase/private key/keystore JSON) should be the same.

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Every time i do it either with the private key or the recovery phrase, it has a different address.

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Which wallet address you referring to by the way? Is it for BTC, ETH, etc.?

I’m trying to access my VChain Watch wallet. I did the same address and it still came up as “Watch Only” This is so frustrating.

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Perhaps, you are importing a different recovery phrase or private key. You can try to double-check here BIP39 - Mnemonic Code or import it to a different wallet that supports VeChain.

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Yes that’s i was able to get my personal key because when I downloaded trust wallet. I didn’t see a personal key.

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To clarify:

  • Are you trying to recover VET tokens?
  • Did you import the private key to get the specific address?

Please send screenshots of the different addresses from the imported one and watch-only.

Yes I’m trying to recover VET tokens.

The tokens is in the last two. Those are the “Watch Only” the first one is a regular wallet after I imported it but the tokens wasn’t there.

Where did you get the recovery phrase in order to derive the private key? Is it from the Trust Wallet app? Or from a different app?

I’ve always had the Recovery Phrase written down. I didn’t have the private key so I went on that the other website to get the private key.

The recovery phrase was only giving me more Watch Wallets, same as the private key

So the recovery phrase that you have written down didn’t come from the Trust Wallet app?

Yes it did come from the Trust App.

Alright. Walk me through as to what happened please so I can understand further.

  • Where did you get the address (0x515)? Is it from your multi-coin wallet?
  • Did you incorrectly sent VET to an Ethereum address? And now you are trying to recover it?

Yes originally that’s what happened. I sent my VET from Binance when they were closing all the American accounts. That was on Jan. 2nd. I sent it by Ethereum because I didn’t know and Binance wouldn’t let me sell it. So after that I was able to recover the VET and I sent it to my Trust Wallet that I had just downloaded. I wasn’t given a choice of a Watch Wallet or regular wallet so I didn’t know the difference. So that’s what has basically happened. The VET is just sitting there and I can’t get it out.

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I see. Thank you for giving more context. Looks like it was indeed sent to that address: 0x515B350F3143428132e2a245977D399c4d481A36 - VeChain account

Let’s troubleshoot it together, even though you already did it, so we cannot miss important details. Kindly do the following:

  • Go to BIP39 - Mnemonic Code
  • Enter your recovery phrase
  • Select ETH in the list of coins
  • Scroll down to the derived addresses
  • Find 0x515B350F3143428132e2a245977D399c4d481A36
  • Once you find it, get the private key. On the rightmost part of the columns, the private key is displayed there.
  • Open the Trust Wallet app
  • Go to the settings, then select wallets
  • Press the “+” sign located at the top right corner
  • Select “I already have a wallet”, scroll down and choose VeChain, select private key then import the one that we got earlier.
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Ok and thanks for your help by the way. I do appreciate it. They cut me off last night. They said I exceeded my limit cause I’m a new member.

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I followed these steps last night but couldn’t find the address on the site. There are lots of addresses to go through. I did about 200 and couldn’t find it.