Refinable Pancakeswap - Tokens went missing - need help

Same issue how do i get my refinable transaction success but no reflected coin on my wallet

I had purchased $FINE at it’s launch and my transaction status on bscscan said “success” yet my BNB still showed on my wallet & pancakeswap.

Wallet Address: 0x959a2B2575E9fF46e4F5d0eB7D0fEdFAc14B82cB
Transaction hash: 0x680ccd7095eb3ada676b7eee4e9dfc025fea7a580f1c971a809bafa46d8d2020

As you can see, in my wallet in bncscan it shows I have $FINE and a small balance of BnB but in my trustwallet app it shows my full BnB amount, pending transactions and 0 $FINE (Yes I have added it as to your instructions).

I’ve even reimported my wallet after looking at a few solutions to the “pending” status from previous issues on this form but it has not helped. Every transaction I attempt from my wallet at this point shows as “pending” so I’m in a situation where I have no control over either, my BnB, nor my $FINE.

Looking forward to your response.

My the coins are missing the number of coins I had are not the same even thou my wallet went empty I do not know what is going on I just connected with pancakeswap through bar code

wallet version 5.21 (5210)

FINE Address: 0x50772B4D0D4e620874F3a5c54aC36fcFFB9d640c

Contract: 0x10ed43c718714eb63d5aa57b78b54704e256024e

Link: 0x9d8cb2ce785c05de6df5e5ed3f9fb86aef7120878962652e991ede7882c88bde on bsc scan

Amount not showing in wallet but it is visible on pancake swap.

Hello, I am not sure if I am allowed to post the links required cause of my level on this site, I’ll try to type out in my next post

my bnb abd fine exchange went through. Pancake swap is showing my tokens, but it is still not credited to my trust wallet, anyone can help finding a possible answer with this?

Hi @Rowanberg1984 the one you have contact address is 0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227
use this contract to add your custom token.

Everyone within FINE token display issue, read this:
make sure you followed the instructions according to this article also use VPN: How to Add a Custom Token

I followed the steps.

  1. Select smart chain on network selection
  2. Contact: 0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227
  3. Name: Refinable
  4. Symbol: FINE
  5. Decimal: 18

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Hello Alan, I have the wxact same issue, I am missing 1 BNB due to this same issue

  1. VERSION 1.28.8


3 I did not have the register

  1. I used 1BNB coin to buy Refine ( FINE), I made 4 transactions, after a moment all showed as failed but one which went thorugh, one went back to my wallet but one BNB coin was gone anyways and I did not get the FINE coins either, one BNB coin is missing now. Wen I go to the history of transactions it only shows the one that went through successfully, I need that BNB coin back

Hi there, I followed your instruction however, I still have 0 fine token as of the moment when the purchased i made was successful and my funds were already deducted .

version 1.27.2
wallet address: 0x9d0BA9F3154d481d5928ed07999C61b3A4e69364
transaction hash

Hi, this could be error with smart contract you are interacting with. Contact project owners for clarification.

Hi @cryptomistess05 you purchased fake token with this contract: 0x47962e8312cdf3b0aed694931b3ced94a4de403b
Use this contract to add it as custom token.

Hello Alan. The VPN worked, however when can I expect to be using the wallet without a VPN?

Due to this issue, I was unable to trade off the coin freely after purchasing and now I’m sitting at a loss that could’ve been avoidable. To add salt to the wound, I now have to use a VPN to check my balance which is an extra step that is just an inconvenience.

I don’t mean to sound rude towards you as you’ve been quite helpful however my experience in trust wallet as a first time user has been rather challenging and I’m extremely frustrated at this point :frowning:

In some cases, your connection gets blocked when you are on a country that prevents accesing Crypto related sites or app. Some users also want additional privacy, using VPN is one way to add this layer of security. This can also affect the performance of the app, be wary of restrictions and abide by them.

I was swap bnb to safemoon last night and thay were showing in balance. But when I checked today coins are missing showing 0 balance

Hey Alan I had the same issue on


any advice?

I also have one that said it went through but never arrived 0x722804e56cdb9e1290d8bba4387fc61d92eba06f4645c89d96dd8e213aac304c

Hello, try the following :-

1 Update your app

2 Reimport your wallet

3 Use VPN

If problem persists

1 Trust Wallet app version (open the app, go to the settings of the app and press “About”, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

2 Crypto wallet address (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot, and attach it here)

3 Transaction hash or link (if you have any, please copy and paste and attach a screenshot as well

I already added it but the amount reflecting is only 0.00005…i can see my fine token in pancakeswap @50,000…

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It seems you put incorrect decimals,
Here are the correct details

  1. Select smart chain on network selection
  2. Contact: 0x4e6415a5727ea08aae4580057187923aec331227
  3. Name: Refinable
  4. Symbol: FINE
  5. Decimal: 18