Refund - Sent to incorrect ethereum address


I accidentally send a fund to a different ethereum address. How can I request for a refund? Thanks


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Hi admin
Please refund my GOD token I withdrawal
From West coast pro app to my Trust wallet.but I put wrong address and I am not received token

We have no way to refund tokens.
The only way to get back your tokens is if the receiver sends them back.

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How do you know the receiver, when I copied my sending address and it become the receive address for someone else?

Good day admin, please I use send ethereum from my luno account, this morning in attempt to send ethereum from my trust wallet to my luno wallet, I used the luno sending address and it dose not deliver. Now I am starting to think it’s someone receive address that is my sending address.

Please admin, I received 0.044 ethereum on my trust wallet app, and when I did, 4mins after that the ethereum was sent to another address, I didn’t initiate any transfer, now my wallet os empty

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I guess you can’t recover “spent” tokens/coins. No other way to recover such than to know who owns the address and recover from them.

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The same thing happened to me. 0.44 ETH I am so down. I copied the sender address.

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Then what is the step to know the owner of that Dr receive address?
I think, the send and receive address should not be the same, to avoid such issues

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Looks like your wallet may have been compromised.
We cannot do anything about lost/stolen funds.
Create a new wallet and discard this compromised one.

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Crypto transaction is irrevocable means you can’t get it back after being validated. But there’s still a chance if your transaction is in pending status, then you can replace the transaction or revoke the transaction but if the transaction had been successfully then there’s nothing you can do nor any other person. So be careful while making a transaction and also don’t be so dumb by making irrelevant post.

HI i have a question i was sending my stellar crypto to a bittrex account and i forgot to put the memo and it says on bittrex you need the memo to receive the funds is there any way to recover the funds i sent. i didnt send it to the wrong address i just sent it without the memo which i didn’t know i had to do.

You need to contact the exchange and explained that you failed to include a Memo.
They are the only ones that can help.
You need to prove to them that you are the sender.
The app does not hold your funds and we cannot reverse transactions.

As for me, I did enable my trust wallet’s security with all the passcode but still…someone had made an unauthorized transaction on my wallet.
What should I do to block someone again from stealing my funds?

I can’t make another trust wallet for my forsage account has been linked to my trust wallet where it had stolen funds. Please do help me.

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If your recovery phrase has been exposed, then there is no way to prevent unauthorized access.
Learn more here:

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Hi, I was using my trust wallet to perform some upgrades on autoBot ether but it did transaction error there so I did it again and I was debited from my wallet twice and it has still not reflected on my page and it has been more than 24 hours and none of the debit has been retracted

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To better assist, can you provide us the following information:

  1. Trust Wallet app version
  2. Crypto address
  3. Transaction ID (if you have any)
  4. Details about your issue
  5. Screenshots of the wallet (errors, if any)

Hello admin good day… I tried to invite my friends but they’re not be able to use my refferal link so they just downloaded it direct from playstore so i’ve been missing refferal bonus how to activate my refferal link?

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