Reimported my wallet and got no balance

I could not find my old wallet after i re download the trust wallet app and login it brings new accounts



Hello @Ayoola1,
Thank you for reaching out to us!

Please be informed that it would be impossible for the app to give you a whole lot of new addresses if you did import the correct recovery phrase.

You can verify by going to iancoleman, the tool/website can be found here:

It will show you the list of addresses that can be derived from the seed phrase. The app will only use the first derivation.

Try to check if you can spot your wallet address with the funds/assets in the list while using the tool. If you can’t spot it, then you used an incorrect seed phrase

Restore my old account please I can’t find my coins please try and fix these

Hello @Ayoola1 we can’t do that , you should do it yourself . just follow the TUTORIAL

I can’t find my old wallet balance and my transaction history’s why it seems you guys are stealing

Hello @Ayoola1Please note that your transaction history missing from your wallet is just a visual glitch.
You can always check on the Blockchain explorer to see all of your transactions.

I did import my wallet and found no balance and transaction history

Please refund my money to my trust wallet I can’t find my old wallet and funds

@Ayoola1 You have imported a recovery phrase to another wallet then like my first response to you indicates.

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I did that my old wallet and coin still not showing up please help me I had nothing to eat or I stop using trust wallet

Sir, I am sorry to inform you that 2100 usdt Tether have been transferred from my Trust Wallet to other addresses on 17 May 2023 at about 06:03 GMT.

My address with Trust Wallet:

Other addresses:

1.0x7936053ADff44c813f73B461cc14C4060Dc5f26E - 1890.46183 usdt Tether

2.0xCa35fB03597A958dA6d8D467B135E4F8d5A49961 - 210.051314 usdt Tether

Total 2100 usdt Tether.

Please help me to recover my fund. Thanks.

Hello , @mrkarim22 We can’t help you , your wallet is compromised .