Revoke all the addresses that can spend your tokens

Good day there should be a extra request option on the DAPP transaction approval when getting tokens from air drops or other token providers that state they have the allowance to spend or take your token with out confer Arion with the wallet holder.

I’ve lost thousands of USD because of this under sited line when approving a token purchase transaction from some prividers.

I had over USD$600 in token sales and air drop now I have almost nothing left, only found out how to check my wallet today after, reporting the problem months ago about token been taken from my account.

Now you need to make a further payment on the below app to remove there spend allowance but who to say the new one not going to do the same as well

Some feed back would be great


i believe you can also do this on bscscan.

this is critical for anyone who interacted with any unsolicited airdrop tokens, ESPECIALLY minereum, vera and velo. at least one of these smart contracts allows the contract owner to drain all assets in you wallet if you approve to transact with tje token

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