Reward for ONT and claim

How do I claim the ONT as the trust wallet says and how to get the intended reward? I really don’t understand


Please check our staking guide for ONT.


OK, thank you for your answer which is really helpful, ok then where can I buy some ONT or can I buy it with ethereum?


If you see the Buy button on the app for ONT, you can go thru our partner providers and pay with your credit card.
Or, you can get some from exchanges or trade your ETH there to ONT.


Hi, I am not able to claim gas anymore, I am getting a message: Not available, anyone can help?

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Hello, I have some ONT but I cannot sell them, I get a message that insuffiseint ONG, how can I solve this problem?

What is your ONT address?
You need to have some ONG in order to send the ONT.

My ONT address is

Thanks a lot for your prompt reply

Hello My friend, My problem is there, any news? Do you have any solution

You don’t have any Ontology Gas (ONG) in your wallet. You need to have some so you can cover the network fees.

To get ONG, you can buy from an exchange then withdraw to your ONT address. Here’s a list of exchanges: