Reward not giving

My Validator didn’t give me my reward after the 7locked day. How do I get my reward from this. So pathetic. Sad. I’ll be glad if you can help me get my reward

Yours Faithfully

Hi, @Gigi you can re delegate to another validator. Read this guide on how to re delegate: How to Redelegate your Staked BNB with Trust Wallet

You can use this bot on telegram to track your rewards: @BSC_Binance_Chain_Bot

I have this problem too. After 9 days, I stepped on it, but I did not receive any reward. I checked the bot and it shows the reward list but I did not receive anything. Please advise what to do.
My bnb address to check: bnb1dvs4m44gjj4htqj7uthneswj6tmxyv2r8xld72

@ham3da rewards are added directly to your wallet balance. Unless your validator is inactive.

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My validator is BscScan and it is still active but but I did not receive any reward.

After 10 days, I came to the conclusion that this staking is a scam.
I will not make such a mistake again.