Safemoon tokens bought did not appear in I'm wallet/portfolio

Good day Trust Wallet Team,
I bought around 200usd worth of safemoon tokens and it was indeed a successful transaction. However safemoon tokens after did not appear in my wallet.
I still can view the transaction history made under smart chain.
Kindly help me with this issue.
Thank you.


Hi there, I have just spend £480 worth of bnb smartchain and haven’t received my safe mars? I done a transaction earlier in the day for safemoon and it went through however this 2nd transaction did not. Can you tell me where my coins are please. The bnb has left my account and nothing is showing? Everything looked good : bnb for safemars on pancake and it went through??? Please can some one help me out?


I have same issue, bought safemoon against smart chain last night. Transaction was successful but still haven’t got any coins in wallet.

Appreciate your help here.


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Hi I am having same issue. How do we contact these guys trustwallet to reply to us??

Hi have u resolved this? I have the same issue bought safemars but it’s not showing up on my wallet

I did the swap on pancake and bought safemoon. I was able to add the coin to the trust wallet however the transaction is not showing up. Everything in my trust wallet has **** and no amounts are showing up. Please help

Hey My wallet shows everything I recently logged into my friends wallet and fixed turnt out he had invested $1000 into SafeMoon and 24 hours later he had a little over $10k sitting in his trust wallet Account. It’s very easy I wouldn’t mind helping you if needed do you have discord. That way I would be able to share my screen and provide you help as I log in.

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I can help you if you have discord that way I can sign in and share my screen then you would be able to help others. Just screen record what I do once I sign in so that you can remember incase it happens again.

I can help you if you have discord that way I can sign in and share my screen then you would be able to help others. Just screen record what I do once I sign in so that you can remember incase it happens again.

hi there, i have also purchased $175 of SAFEMOON via pancake swap this morning and this still is not appearing in my trust wallet or transaction is not appearing.

Please can you help?

Kind regards

I have the same problem, my trust wallet account says 0 but when i look at the coin that i received it says that i have received it but the balance still is 0. Pls help


Error transactions sending my safemoon to bitmart platform. My bnb smart chain was deducted several due to multiple error in sending due to out of gas. Please help

hi add me on discord Case#6259 to show me how to get my safemoon tokens as they havent appeared in my account yet

i have exact same issue i do not know what the problem is , have you resolved it yet?

If you cannot see or find Safemoon and other coins in Trust Wallet after purchasing , u will need to go to the main page in wallet , click “receive” , then copy&paste the safemoon token ID or including other coins contract ID, once safemoon pop up on the list, click on safemoon and hit the Copy button on the left and return back to wallet main page. It should be there now.

My problem of not having safemoon tokens appear in my wallet has been sorted. I just enable safemoon vewvable by manually activating it using the icon at the upper right hand corner.
Thank you.

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Hey sorry to bother you but after a post my question and follow the instruction to recovery my safemoon coin on trust wallet
It was not work
Can someone help me up to do so
I trying many times and it did not work
I uninstalled and then installed and nothing happen also I did what some said logging into trust wallet and nothing happen also
Please guid me into the trust wallet to recovery my safemoon coin

Yes please do it for me I need to recovery my coins I invest 150 dollars plus another’s 50 dollars and it loss

Hi I have the same issue. Did you get assistance in finding your tokens?

I have the same problem , I bought Safe Moon yesterday and it still hasn’t appeared in the wallet