Send my xrp to a wrong adres


I send my XRP to a wrong adress. It seems to be the same receive adres as my VET receive adres. I can’t recover them with a private key in my XRP, BSC or VET wallet.

However I find my tokens with a watch adress on a BSC wallet.

Is it possible to get my tokens back?

Trust wallet Version 6.6

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Hello kindly use the guide below

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I already tried that guide many times but it still not show up.

I used it on a VET or BSC wallet because I can’t type a private key with my XRP wallet. If I recover my xrp wallet I can’t add tokens to fill in my contractadres.

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You sent BEP20 XRP.
You only need to derive the private key for that address you sent to then reimport as a BSC wallet.

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Thanks! I have them back!

I found them as bep20 tokens insted of the normal xrp.


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