Sending my freecoins BEP20 to LATOKEN's deposit address

Please i need your help, i make a transfer of free coin BCS to my smart chain BNB in trust wallet.

Am try to transferred my assert from trustwallet to LATOKEN, while i used my Binance smart chain received address instead of that LATOKEN.

This is my smart chain received address:

am using version 1.22.23 android…

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Hi @Hussaini112,

Please give more details about your issue (please explain what you were trying to do)

Am try to transfer a free coin BSC from trust wallet to LATOKEN, and the amount i was transfer isn’t corespondent to LATOKEN minimum received of free coin BSC.

So, the free coin BSC left my trust wallet and didn’t reach LATOKEN wallet.

Hmm. Please send your Smart Chain wallet address here (press the receive icon near the send button, take a screenshot of the QR code, and attach it here)

To clarify, 0xD5881aF63f29A21b778DF2E14dD506aC5282FEe9 is the deposit address provided by LATOKEN?


In that case, contact their customer support directly so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Ok sir, thank you very much for that.

And i have another issue sir.

It was day before yesterday, i used smart chain received address instead of the corespondent address i suppose to used to transfer my free coin BSC. I mean i transferred my 5.3M free coin to smart chain BNB received address and yet i didn’t get it back.

Please send the transaction hash/link about that issue so we can check

You still sent it to LATOKEN’s deposit address. Contact their customer support about it.

Hello sir please help me my bonus token not Receive please check my Trust wallet

Bros drop your WhatsApp number dallah since we have same issue i am from Maiduguri BTW

Ok, thank you very much for you help, i really appreciated.

TrustWallet for life.

Whatsapp number


My Shibu inu token is missing since morning.

I bought it this morning and was successful and yet reflect in my wallet…

Help me out…600M worth of Shibu inu token

got same issue they didn’t receive the fund even successfully sent it…

hi did you get your fund back because I got same issue… what should we do about it?

@Hussaini112 may I know if you resolve this concern?? I got same problem. can you help me?