Sending OMI from to the ETH address on Trust Wallet

Hi Trust Wallet team,

I made the mistake to send OMI from to the ETH address on Trust Wallet. Now that the OMI on is gone, I cannot see any coin on Trust Wallet. Is there any way that I can recover those OMI coins?

Thank you!

Hello kindly use this guide to recover your tokens.

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Hi Jenny,

Thanks so much for your prompt response. I really appreciate that.

Is there any other way to get the private key without entering the private phrase on that website?

Thanks again,

Best regards.

@kiteflying that is the only way to recover your funds. You can research on other methods, probably you’ll find one.

Hi @Alan47 Thanks for your prompt response. How trustful is the website? I just feel uncomfortable putting the private key there. Do you have any thoughts on security?

Thanks again for your help.

It is a safe website, they would also advise you use it in offline mode (without an internet connection).

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