SENSO Tokens and withdrew them from Kucoin

Hi Jenny…

I have set up a Trust Wallet for SENSO Tokens and withdrew them from Kucoin. They did not show up. Note: I did not enter the amount to be deposited when setting up the withdraw from Kucoin to receive to the Senso Wallet.

I have checked the blockchain transaction and it is confirmed to the address. I deleted and reimported my Trust Wallet using pass phrases and reset the Senso Wallet up with the same address that the Senso was sent to from Kucoin.

Version 6.18 (540)

Crypto Wallet Address: 0x0aABF39dd064C3274b6266A4c0EaC2CA7C373e0F

Transaction Hash: 0x11ac1437146d4fd99050d3bb73166b9751998ff89ac063e8381b92d10d7ae625

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Hi, Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Ethereum
Contract: 0xc19b6a4ac7c7cc24459f08984bbd09664af17bd1
Decimals: 0

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I did add it as a custom token.

For some reason when I click the image icon above the images are restricted from being uploaded. There are jpg screenshots showing this.

When I am in the Wallet on the Senso Token that I created there is a Transfer button that says “Senso 0” - When I click this Transfer button it takes me to the Transfer page that shows the DATE, Status (completed) with the Sender Code and the Network Fee of 0.12921892027 ETH (38.92) and there is a “View on Block Explorer” button that leads to an etherscan page with the Transaction Details. which includes the Hash, The Status (Success), the confirmations 915 (so far), Time stamp, From Kucoin 9 with address and the Contract (To) which is the SENSO token and it was transferred to the Crypto Wallet Address for 376 Tokens.

Hey Alan:

Here is the info separated to access the etherscan transaction confirmation page:

https : // etherscan .io /tx/0x11ac1437146d4fd99050d3bb73166b9751998ff89ac063e8381b92d10d7ae625

@noahofficial sorry, there was issue with this token decimals in our database, team has fixed this issue. Try to add again as custom token it should be fine. Sorry for inconvenience we’ve caused.

Hey Alan… thanks… omg I spent soo much time trying to research and troubleshoot etc. Thankfully i didn’t lose my investment… I was very nervous. It works now.