Sent Bnb to USDT by mistake

Hi there!

I sent Bnb from Binance account to USDT address in my trust wallet.
Trust Wallet Version: 1.28.1
Binance from address: 0x631fc1ea2270e98fbd9d92658ece0f5a269aa161
withdrawal address: 0x94F28745f2085D43D86Dc912f1eAead63aA63C20
txid: 0xad8cbdafa1987163f2a087075a1ca4dfeb469c143f51d246df8d1b2dfa6cd247

I tried recovering the bnb coins using BIP39 - Mnemonic Code based on instructions on How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address
but no luck.
I do see the usdt from address mentioned above in the list of address, copied its private key (last column value) and imported the bnb wallet using that key but it shows 0 coins in there.

Its my 2 months hard earned money in there - can you please help?

Thanks a lot!