Sent ETH to my ETC wallet in order to convert it to ETC

I traded my ETH to ETC on trust wallet and nothing is showing. I did the help guides but nothing again was helping here. I also set up a private key wallet but nothing showing

Transaction id: 0x74c7a085a9eeec10fe45b6ad6d4bfbd9cd070a31e85d9cfddc98cd9a3ebcefc0
To: 0x8b9accf9745e3d85e696838ee05f645fc11ef319

App version 1.29.3

Any help welcomed

Is there a long waiting time converting ETH to ETC on Trust Wallet? Its been over two hours now?

Thanks again

Hi there,

If you swapped your coins so please check the transaction details by clicking on the top right corner button in the swap history page.

Also, keep in mind that swapping into different network will not show the amount in current network token. Like swapping ERC20 network to BEP20 network, you will need to add that same token with the swapped network in this example it is BEP20.

I hope you got the point.


Firstly thanks for the help here…

I checked the history and it shows sent. Im not quite sure how I would create a new network however. I did try the custom token and private key wallet but Im not sure which new token I should create.

Please check the network in which you swapped your ETH to ETC and then add that specific network token by clicking on the top right corner “+” button from the assets page.

If you swapped to ERC20 ETC then add ERC20 ETC.

I have added all the ETC tokens I can see but again nothing showing. I added the ETC BEP20 but again no funds are showing

You added ETC BEP20 it means you are saying that you swapped to BEP20 ETC if that’s the case I would like to suggest you, go to Pancake swap and select your ETC there that will show you the amount if there are any.

Same happened with me. I had the amount, but wasn’t being showned in the app, but pancake swap showed the correct amount. Give it a try.

OK been on there and cant see ETC in the list…Sorry if I’m sounding a bit dumb here! Apricating you help

Here it is to add this ETC BEP 20 token and also add TRC20, ERC20, and BEP 2 if you think you are not sure in which address you sent.


My ETH says “COIN” in the top left of my Trustwallet screen. Not showing anything about BEP20

I would like to suggest you, go to Pancake swap and select your ETC there that will show you the amount if there are any.

The token etc just isnt showing in pancakeswap. Also thanks for the image. Nothing is showing still

HI can we speak directly? Still stuck here and would like to resolve this

Are you trying to say that the Pancake Swap has the ETC token, but after selecting that shows no balance?

Or you are saying that you can’t find the ETC token at all? If that’s the case try adding this address to the token field:

And read this article as well:

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Hi @joenebula,

That’s not how you trade/swap your ETH. Sending cryptos to a different address won’t automatically swap your crypto. The ETH that you sent remained as ETH, not ETC.

To recover your ETH, please follow this guide (select ETC in the coin part):

After getting the private key, open the Trust Wallet app > settings > wallets > + button on the top right corner > i already have a wallet > Ethereum > import the private key

OK thanks for this. I may have tried but will try again. And thanks for the help here.

All sorted. Respect for the help. You were right it never transferred over. Much apricated!

All sorted. It never transferred over form one to the other. I did a recovery but got it wrong a few times. Its all back. Again thanks for your time and help and ideas!!

Yeah tried that and still nothing showing sadly. I have sent a support ticket this morning but waiting for feedback. Not sure how long they take to get back!

To clarify, is the issue fixed or what? Also, you sent a support ticket to whom?

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