Sent Etherium not delivered

Hello support

Please help me. My friend senth Etherium of $330 to me, but only $34 was received. And transaction was comfirmed completed from his side and fully deducted.
Transaction date was 19/09/2021
My receiving address is
Please help resolve this.
Thank you for your help

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Hi @GbengaAO
Your ETH is already in your wallet

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Dear sir,

Thank you for you reaponse.
However, what is being display does not tally.
My wallet is showing $34 while the amount to be transfered 0.09879804918514628 (287$)

Will it reflect the correct value if I send.
Please answer me urgently.

Hi @GbengaAO
Can you provide screenshots of this incorrect balance and also your app version ?

@Tylersob provide details asked on this thread: Sent BNB to Binance, but, the transaction is not showing up on Binance Chain Explorer - #7 by Alan47