Sent Fantom Token (FTM) from Binance account to my trust wallet but it has not arrived

I recently sent FTM tokens from my Binance account to my trust wallet. I have received confirmation of the withdrawal from Binance but there is no recognition from my Trust wallet receiving these tokens. It was sent using the new FTM network installed on Binance.

Can anyone help because I would hate for them to be lost?

My FTM Trust wallet address is: 0xc70CaE407b2Dd420CAc38D0638a75Bf149e5370C

Hi @joshscott688,

Please be informed that you have withdrawn native FTM, not the ERC20 nor BEP2. To access your native FTM tokens, you can get your recovery (mnemonic) phrase then import it to their official wallet: Fantom fWallet

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hi i have same issue i transferred 310 FTM to my trust wallet but i accidentally choosed FTM network to transfer and my recieve address was for ERC20
this is my transaction link: 0x36cd312e46fac86b2506abeecec72db587745b5b4d43defef71921a16c339b52
can you help me and correct it to ERC20 network?
my wallet address : 0x1FAd34059E3e5623Aa402cE6b66Aa4e24ee1Af7E

Hello @Alirahimi,

Please check my response above ^

Sry but i didnt catch your solution i sent a FTM network to ERC20 network (not from binance or FTM Wallet)
and when i call them they said we verified your order and we cant do anything, you should call the trust wallet support and give them your NETWORK ID to change the network from FTM to ERC20

That’s why you need to follow the instruction that I have sent.

Side note: here’s a guide on how to get your recovery phrase

Thank you so much i got your solution and i did it and my FTM came to my trust wallet
Thank you so muchhhh


When sending the FTM from the fWallet, do we need to instead send via the Ethereum chain instead of the Fantom Opera, in order to receive the FTM on Trust Wallet?

When you sent it from the fWallet, to your trust wallet, did you choose the Ethereum chain to send it on?

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Hi @samira88, please follow my response earlier:

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