Sent Freecoin Bep20 to an ERC20 address

Pls I have same issue, I send some freecoin to Bep20 instead of ERC20

The bep20 address I send to
And this is my ERC20 address

The trust wallet version is 1.27

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Hi @Adaggash,

Do you have the recovery phrase or private key of wallet 0xEa5c408fE05a7d277BF161e7BdAFed9f02fB27bd?

If yes, you can import it as a Smart Chain wallet in the app so you can recover it.

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No sir I do not.
It a latoken wallet address, turns out t ERC20 and BEP 20 is the same…
Pls sir help

Since you sent it to LATOKEN’s deposit address, you need to contact their customer support so they can assist you.

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