Sent my ARCH coins to Binance

I Just got some big profit from my ARCH investment but I did something incredibly stupid. I’ve sent my ARCH coins from Metamask to my Binance Address (where they don’t support the coin), and now it doesn’t show up anywhere.

After some digging I downloaded trustwallet, imported my Metamask in the app. After that I added the ARCH token from etherscan in the trustwallet (custom token). Everything was showing up fine but then I decided to click on “send” and send the amount to my ETH wallet address within the trustwallet app. When I look in my ETH wallet (imported from MetaMask) I see “Smart Contracts Call” 0 ETH. Its driving me nuts I just want my profit back and convert it to ETH, PLEASE I need some help.

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Hello @trustcrypto09,

This simply means that a smart contract was called in order to transfer your ARCH tokens.

Since you have sent the ARCH tokens to Binance, you need to contact their customer support so they can assist you and check if they can retrieve the unsupported tokens.

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