Sent my OMI tokens to my Smart Chain address


  • from: [0x8524F4660f02a8006E16cdbc43D4473386690e0A]
  • to: [0xDE18Fb716a788A788479ddc2d8e3c8F076790198]
  • value: 41189.9476202 OMI

i have transferred my omi tokens to trust wallet but i didn`t receive it when I contacted the sender which is bitforx they said we only support GOchain transactions not bep20 you have to contact trust wallet Generally, there will be an option to add the Gochain support. please help

Hi @mostafaadelamin check this article for recovering your funds: How To Recover Funds Sent to a Wrong Public Address

@Alan47 can not find OMI BEP or OMI GOchain at iancoleman or can you help me to know how do I recover it

Read my response here: I sent omi to the Wrong address - #3 by iamdeadlyz

I sent my OMI to the BEP20 address but I have not yet received my tokens. I have also followed your steps into creating the separate Gochain wallet with the recovery key and it is not there either. Any help with this?

It’s clearly there. You can cross-check here:

Make sure you followed the instructions that I have stated. Your GoChain address (once imported and even during the derivation in iancoleman) should be 0xDE18Fb716a788A788479ddc2d8e3c8F076790198.

thanks, i have recovered it you have saved meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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