Sent my tokens to wrong network address

I really need help from you because I sent my OMI Tokens from BitForex to the wrong network address on my TRUST WALLET and I discovered it right now. I add the right OMI contract address but I didn’t change the network to GoChain so I sent my OMI Token to my ERC20 address :frowning: Is there any idea and chance to recover my tokens? Thanks guys for any help and answear from you. First I sent the my question to BitForex support and this is their answer:

Dear user,

Please noted the OMI token is based on the Gochain but Not Ethereum.
Your withdrawal has been sent successfully and it’s irreversible
Please contact your withdrawal address owner for assistance.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards,
BitForex Customer Service Team

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Hi @chorusny,

Please follow this guide:

Thanks a lot for help I recovered my coins :blush: