Sent nft but can’t find it

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I have this same issue. I have two wallets on my trust wallet app. Connected the first to opensea and created nfts. I sent an nft to my second wallet on trust wallet and I can’t find it. It’s confirmed successful on the blockchain and shows it’s owned by two users but I can’t find it even after I connected the second wallet to opensea just to see if it will show up there but nothing.
Also the first wallet linked to opensea on the collectibles tab trust wallet shows only 1 nft out 4 created.

I cannot find my NFT either. I am seeing this is very common in this wallet. The worst mistake I have made is def using this Trust app.

Any update? Mine shows up on address, but is not visible under collectibles.

Hi, I have the same Problem.


The NFT was sent!
rinkeby etherscan io tx 0x37f9fcecff9ff21a4e18be94ff30a9ceadec0b7812e24463fde5998fc35d0226

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Hello @Michael4711 we don’t support testnets currently. Import your wallet to the wallets that support testnet to access your NFT.

I have recently created NFT on opensea on matic
cant sern my NFT in trust wallet
whats the problem??
I cant now change the address of my wallet
what should I do
plz help

Please note that Trust wallet doesn’t support display of Polygon based NFTs yet.

so what should I do?
can I receive my polygon when someone buys my NFT?
I mean its just showing the NFT issue or I should change my wallet for receiving?

Trust wallet supports Polygon (MATIC).
Trust wallet doesn’t support Polygon NFTs
Your NFTs will remain on your address
You can find a wallet that supports Polygon NFTs and import your recovery words there to see the NFTs.

how to inport my wallet using recovery phrases?I couldnt find the option in metamask or trust wallet
plz help

I mean private key is needed not backup phrase
where is the private key in trust wallet?

Use this guide below: