Sent token to the crypto's contract address mistakingly

Please I need urgent help.

I mistakingly sent my old shido tokens to the shido’s old contract address instead of the receiving contract address on Mexc. Is there a way to retrieve the tokens sent.

I’ve tried all suggested help from previous articles but didn’t work. Please assist!

@Ogunwande Unfortunately there is no way to reverse, cancel or refund confirmed transactions on the blockchain.
Ensure you double check your address next time.

Please my balance is not showing. its showing 0 BTC. What should i do as i need access to funds asap.

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My cell frame coin not received my mexc exchange sir
Good evening Trust wallet team.
I used our trust wallet long time. It’s very useful and user-friendly. One day by mistakely sent my 1104.88968 cell frame coin but mexc exchange having only Ethrium block chain network. I sent BSC chain network. So till not received in my mexc exchange account. Sending details kindly submit below.

JAN 30, 09:57 PM IST.
From address: 0x2cf1ee425859E572617D73DB48d127e6BE3Fc29a

To address: 0x11602D7B9603cdf1A7b60863eC87De1A866eF284

Txn address: 0x25edb01d98b5dca7a64c0e81e9f9c05ed204ad05f1f258500a0c0a1564b697ff

Ref: I attached transaction screenshot sir.
I kindly request resend my cell frame coin or recover my cell frame coin.
Thank you Trust wallet team.

@Prabakaran Try adding the token manually, there’s a guide below: