Sent tokens to wrong network

Hi everyone can anyone help? I’ve had a problem sending my USDT from binance to my trust wallet! When withdrawing the tokens I accidentally selected the network optimism instead of ERC20 and they are not showing up in my trust wallet, but when I go on my moonpay account it shows my trust wallet and also shows the tokens are there, can anyone help me to recover these tokens please

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Hello @LMag23 can you try this :

This is the right contract address for USDT on the Arbitrum Network :


Make sure you choose the Arbitrum Network and add the right contract you should be able to see your USDT.

I seem to be having a problem at the first hurdle here I only have the option to add tokens and not networks

Are you on iOS or Android ? What’s your Trust Wallet version ?..

I’m on iOS and it’s the latest version of trust wallet, would it be better for me to do it on android?

Yes it’s better on Android , I don’t think iOS support EVM yet …