Sent tomo didn't arrive to trust wallet

hi i have sent tomo from Binance to the erc tomo trust wallet but didn’t arrive ?

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trust wallet address : 0x9d9688500484f5335C6aBFC0Cd8cAfF167246a63

txid is 0x08f30afa748e0ac4844f7fc255b30dac4e91dc4bcc7239ac7331b50758a5476e

Hi @fatma432,

You sent native TomoChain coins, not TomoChain (ERC20): TomoScan - TomoChain Block Explorer

Please follow this guide:

I did it imported tomo wallet

but still tomo wallet is empty

Select ETH in the list of coins (in the iancoleman site). Then, search for this address in the “derived addresses” so you can get the private key. Import it afterwards.

worked thanks for help

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