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indent preformatted text by 4 spaceAnd remember, the bastard who stole my money, standing behind you, mocking the poor, ready to randomly steal money from people like me because it already knows that if someone tells you that money  Lost, you guys at Tust Wallet won't do anything.  Do nothing at all  Ready to use, with the luxury of saying that you lost your key, we can't recover it even though it can be restored to our customers.  You know, I took the expenses to feed the customers.  Family care expenses  Come to invest here, but when there is a problem, you guys are not lost and do not reply, do not accept, do not give help like the name of the bag.s

What exactly happened to you …can you elaborate? …did your seed words were stolen without even being exposed?


I think what he his trying to say is trusted wallet team should do something about stolen fund, he said the scammer stole his hard earnings or savings knowing fully well that if he reported the team won’t do anything. Will also suggest if it possible for the team to track or disable the stolen fund account in total if reported with prove.


I am sorry that there is nothing anyone can do, this applies with any non-custodial wallet whether it is TrustWallet or others.

Nobody holds your funds and this has already been addressed at your previous post Missing Tron (TRX)

Please understand that TrustWallet is not a Centralised exchange which has control over user funds. Please read befor you invest your money somewhere.

@Cape72 had an unfortunate incident of losing funds to a scammer and he understood and has moved since. :pray:

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