Smart contract call help!

Hi I have a smart contract call under my bnb smart chain with a negative number. I don’t know how to pay it off so it’s not there anymore.

Here is a link the bscscan

If someone has an idea please it would help a lot

Hi, I have the same problem, the only difference is that my currency is compound, can anyone help?

I have the similar problem as well:

Hi - I used Trust Wallet app to swap From BNB Smart Chain to BNB. I’m seeing that it got sent to “Smart Contract Call” No clue where my funds are or why this has happened given I connected my trust wallet for the transaction.

There was not option for anything else. How Can I get my fund back or have it complete the swap?

Please help

Hi i swap bnb for cumstar but it only appear as smart contract call. Please help.

Here is my receive trust wallet.

Transaction hash:

Hello @akoto1 Please try to add it as custom token. Here are the steps that you can do to manually add the token: How to Add a Custom Token

Token details:-
Network: Smart Chain
Contract: 0x4a713ee4deb88a8c2abd77afed415201edb6f1fa
Decimals: 9

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@Alan47 im not sure how to contact you directly but I wanted to know you can please help me recover my funds sent to a wrong address please ! I made a mistake by sending my Safe Energy crypto from my Trust wallet to my Ethereum address on Coinbase by mistake. Can you please help me recover it ? Thank you !

Hello @Joel93
What network is your Safe Energy token on?
Does Coinbase use private key? If it does, simply import your private key into the Trust wallet app.

Hi @JennyMillan and thanks for your help. Safe Energy is on BEP20 network and coinbase does not use have private key is there any other way of recovering my funds? I have everything else like transaction numbers and the address it went too but the private key? Thank you

Hello @Joel93
Unfortunately there would be no way for us to help you.
Only the Coinbase team can help you if they are willing to recover the crypto for you.

@JennyMillan, Ok thank you so much for your help I really do appreciate it. I will contact them.